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The International Koala Centre of Excellence (IKCE) leads vital research in koala conservation and management practices ensuring a thriving future for the koala.

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Help us ensure the Koala continues to live safely and thrive within our community. Your donation will contribute to lead vital research into our understanding of this iconic animal.


About IKCE

The International Koala Centre of Excellence (IKCE)

To ensure the Koala lives safely and thrives within our community, the South Australian Government has established the IKCE, a research organisation, which will lead vital research into our understanding of the Koala.

The IKCE raises funds which support and direct ground-breaking research into the biology, management and conservation of the Koala. The IKCE is governed by a Board, and has a team of committed scientists and influential ambassadors, who are all working together to support koala conservation.

Why we need the International Koala Centre of Excellence

We need best practice science to ensure koalas survive into the future. Disease, climate change, loss of habitat, and overcrowding bringing the risk of starvation, are key threats to koalas across Australia. Koalas are also threatened as they increasingly move into urban areas, crossing roads and visiting our backyards.

Koalas are listed as vulnerable to extinction in Australia’s eastern states. In South Australia, Koala numbers are higher and potentially, this State may have the last of the world’s significant koala populations. With that comes the responsibility to help ensure the survival of the species.

Our research work

We’re partnering with scientists, business and community organisations, State and Federal governments, fauna rescue groups and others in Australia and around the world to support koala conservation.

Our research is focused on four priority areas:

  • Koala insurance population at Cleland Wildlife Park
  • Koala health and wellbeing
  • Koalas in the landscape
  • Koalas in the community.

Please download a copy of our Research Prospectus to see how you could get involved in partnering with IKCE on research opportunities.  

Latest IKCE news

Kangaroo Island koalas rescued

Sixteen additional koalas have been translocated from bushfire-affected Kangaroo Island taking the total to 28. They will be housed at Cleland Wildlife Park to add to the recently established disease-free insurance population.
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